About Us

We are not satisfied by the reward for the work done, but by well-being, emotions, and progress.

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Noble Goal Initiative

We invite companies to join our mission to accelerate the transition to hands-on education by providing high-quality services to companies, giving students the opportunity to learn in the work process and develop skills.

By supporting us, you support the next generation.

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True Openess

We know that many service providers try to earn as much as possible, as a result of which work customers suffer. Therefore, we always provide the real labor costs and recommend you the most advantageous solutions in terms of both price and performance. We will never recommend services that, from our point of view, you will not need.

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Best Price

We know how expensive digital services can be, so we offer probably the best price on the market, achieving the same (or even better) result. Are we the fastest? Probably not. But we will never compromise on quality. Our business model is not primarily profit-oriented, but mutual development.

Our Story

BASAFUL’s goal-oriented digital agency is a cooperative society founded by seven students to give the green light to our business dreams, designed to inspire, share, connect and lead. We believe that education is an eternal process and there is nothing better than learning by doing. Implementing a unique concept of education in the Baltic States with Business Academy, the cooperative society BASAFUL was established within the study process.

Aware of the current situation, in which companies need to integrate various digital solutions, we understand that digital service agencies often offer their services at exorbitant costs and the result is only one-sided – the company receives a service that it would not know how to use to the maximum and would not learn anything from the cooperation with the service provider.

That’s why we created the digital agency BASAFUL

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and it’s possible that your company will be transformed into a new digital world

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